Supplier of Engines, Cylinder Heads, Turbo Chargers and Gearboxes

Customer Own Unit (COU) – Engine, Turbo & Cylinder Head

Bridge is a supplier of Engines, Cylinder Heads, Turbo Chargers and Gearboxes for various makes of vehicles through our production supply. On those rare occasions that we are unable to fulfil your enquiry with one of our stock or production engine/turbo/cylinder head units, then we offer a Customer Own Unit rebuild (COU).

This is where we collect the original failed unit and bring it back to our production plants to undergo the same intensive inspection and cleaning processes as our remanufactured products.

Our sales team will be able to discuss your requirement with you and offer you an inclusive price to rework/rebuild your engine/turbo or cylinder head back to standard that you would associate with all Bridge’s products. You can be rest assured that the returned product comes with the same 12 month unlimited mileage warranty as all our remanufactured units.

We will arrange for a carrier to collect the unit for rework/rebuild. As long as the unit is in re-workable condition then a quick turnaround time will ensure the vehicle is quickly back on the road.